Youtuber finds an easy way to open sealed cans without using any tool

Open sealed cans without using any tool

Imagine yourself surviving the zombie apocalypse, when only canned food will be your key to sustenance; at least during the initial phase of the calamitous scenario.

However, practicality dictates – you wouldn’t have any access to box cutters and other sharp tools for opening the cans (let’s be honest here; you would be scurrying around in the streets, just trying to meekly survive).

So, how to access the precious canned food? Well, Youtuber CrazyRussianHacker has the answer to the hypothetical predicament.

According to our Russian friend, you can open any kind of sealed can by just rubbing its top part against a concrete surface. After some time dedicated to rubbing, you will need to apply pressure on the sides of the can and voila; the contraption will magically pop open.

Now of course, the practicality of the scope goes much beyond any fantastical zombie apocalypse, like in real life emergency situations. So, let us raise our humble hats to CrazyRussianHacker, while enjoying the YouTube demonstration given below.

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