Printednest develops 3D printed bird feeders for our modern homes

Printednest 3D printed bird feeders

Bird feeding had been one of the most popular hobbies at one point in time. With people drifting away from nature and environment, bird feeding steadily lost out. To bring the hobby back, with much needed touch of technology Printednest, a 3D printing community has created 3D printed bird feeders.

Designed and developed with the intention to bring birds back to the cities, the 3D printed bird feeders are made from organic and biodegradable plastic – PLA material.

Printednest 3D printed bird feeders-1

A standard bird feeder has an egg-shaped nest and features antlers for birds to perch on. All parts of the feeder attach to the window with double-sided tape.

Printednest has left the bird feeder project open source, all interested developers can download the feeder design from Shapeways, Thingiverse or 3dfilemarket and also customize their bird feeder in their choice of color and shape.

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And in case you want one of these bird feeders, but do not have a 3D printer, you can order your design and Printednest will mail it to you. Explaining the philosophy behind the project, Printednest team member Rahim Petruska says, the bird feeders are made,

To show people, how 3D printing can realize any idea, creativity, and connect different professions together.

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