Reed Hansuld’s Rocking Chair No. 1 flaunts its cantilevered bearing with elegance

Rocking Chair No. 1 by Reed Hansuld_1

When it comes to wood based furniture, we are used to a conventional structural progression with regular joints and supports. But what if the embodiment has evolved beyond what is perceived as being possible? The design force of the above pictured Rocking Chair No. 1 from Reed Hansuld, toys with this notion of improbability through its novel and stylish cantilevered structure.

There is more than that meets the eye when it comes to the form quotient of the Rocking Chair No. 1. From the perspective of simple observation, we can make out the elegant wooden facades that are crafted from walnut. But these outer layer hides the core frame of a sturdy steel skeleton, which makes it possible to have a cantilevered bearing in the first place.

In fact, the cantilevered credentials are not just for the gimmick purpose. According to the designer, the apt constitution allows the chair to rock back and forth in an effective manner. Moreover, the bearing also hints at a perceptible side-to-side swaying of the backrest that is independent of the connected seat. This in turn accentuates upon the ‘dynamic’ essence of the already motion prone rocking chair.

These evolved structural attributes are complemented by the chic style of polished walnut nut. Their compound curved features hark back to the rustic nature of yesteryear furniture, while in reality they conceal the industrial chassis of the steel frame. This alludes to the juxtaposition of hand-made and synthetic, both of which play their equally crucial roles in contemporary furniture design.

Rocking Chair No. 1 by Reed Hansuld_2 Rocking Chair No. 1 by Reed Hansuld_3 Rocking Chair No. 1 by Reed Hansuld_4 Rocking Chair No. 1 by Reed Hansuld_5 Rocking Chair No. 1 by Reed Hansuld_6

Price – $9,600.

Via: ReedFurnitureDesign

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