Spoon Pendant Lamp showcases the creative fusion of ‘flower and metal’

Spoon Pendant Lamp by multipod studio_3

Metal and flowers don’t go so well together, do they? Well, as it turns out – they do, if fused with a pure and simple creative force. The above pictured Spoon Pendant Lamp from Multipod Studio aptly exhibits this precept, with its ‘amalgamation’ of art and innovation.

Envisioned as an ‘ethereal daisy’ that is crafted wholly from metal, the hanging art-piece tantalizingly combines the allure of man-made industrial capacity and the natural symmetry of flowers. The end result is a contrivance whose consummate symbolic credentials go beyond its neat visuals.

Furthermore, we shouldn’t forget – the Spoon Pendant Lamp is a working LAMP with its lighting capacity. In fact, the small cylindrical-shaped light is incorporated in the core of the pendant, at the epicenter ‘ovule’ of the flower. This adds of twist of purpose to the already refined design, thus enhancing its credentials as an enticing living room decor piece.

Spoon Pendant Lamp by multipod studio_1 Spoon Pendant Lamp by multipod studio_2 Spoon Pendant Lamp by multipod studio_4 Spoon Pendant Lamp by multipod studio_5

Via: MultiPod-Studio

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