Object élevé: A functional staircase that remarkably merges into a desk system

Object élevé by Mieke Meijer

A few days ago, we talked about the Maki Stairs that showcased their own brand of storage credentials. Dutch design studio Mieke Meijer has built upon this core idea of multi-functionality, with their utterly ‘collective’ stair installation – Object élevé.

Commissioned by designer Just Haasnoot (for his home in The Hague suburb), the entire installation with its nigh labyrinthine structure comprises of oak facades supported on black steel framework. In terms of arrangement, the staircase is mainly divided into three parts, all of which play their role in connecting the two floors of the residence.

On closer inspection, we can actually make out the alternating ‘Samba’ system of steps that helps in maintaining a steep gradient (thus covering the floor height), while at the same time upholding its ergonomic value for the user. The upper half of this interesting assembly is bolstered by the infusion of side-projecting oaken panels that can serve as simple storage planes for books and even as shoes racks.

On the other hand, the lower half connects to a full fledged desk system, thus expanding upon the storage space credential. This in turn can be used more conventionally for keeping books, artworks and those occasional plant pots.

So, at the end of the day, the Object élevé is all about the seamless fusion of a dedicated staircase and a furniture. This unique multi-purpose scope impresses us with its inherent essence of minimalism and industrial aesthetics.

Via: Dezeen

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