Rely table fuses elegance of form and stability of structure

Rely table by Brad Ascalon_1

Stylish, rhythmical and yet championing minimalism in its own way – this is the Rely table designed by Brad Ascalon (for the NWBLK art gallery). The slim support legs visually clash with the multi-layered volume displayed by the table top. In fact, it is this top section that emerges as the focal point of the table design with its classy arrangement of circular frames.

The glass top of the Rely table is conveniently positioned above the other hollow frames, thus signifying both functionality and aesthetics. And, on closer inspection, we can actually comprehend the change of hue among these layers. The subtle change from white to gray alludes to an austere degree of vivacity, all achieved within the minimalist scope.

Rely table by Brad Ascalon_2

However, the factor of elegance in all of these design sections do not sacrifice the structural integrity of the Rely Table. In this regard, the aforementioned svelte legs are actually constructed from powder-coated steel. This in turn alludes to a complete furniture scope where form, exquisiteness and arrangement all play their crucial roles.

Via: BradAscalon

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