SCADPad: An urban tiny house solution created by college students

SCADPad tiny house solution_1It is good to see the trend of tiny houses moving beyond the scope of DIY endeavors. This time around, a researching team from Georgia’s Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) have contrived a housing prototype that gives preference to our future spatial needs. Christened as the SCADPad, the $40,000¬†unit flaunts its compact credentials with the entire dwelling’s capacity to be fitted inside a puny parking lot.

As with most tiny house designs, the core material utilized for the construction of the SCADPad is lightweight wood. In terms of space, it is similar to the QB2 house, with 12 sq m of floor area – which includes all the crucial user-defined zones like a kitchen area, a sleeping area with hammock bed, and a folding table for dining.

The ambit however goes beyond the spatial features of an individual SCADPad. The designers have successfully managed to build three prototypes of the tiny house, and together these installations form a part of a small housing community inside SCAD’s parking lot.

The experimental communal space boasts of various sustainable attributes, with gray-water utilization, waste management components and an adorable garden area surrounding the ‘colony’. Things also pertain to the technological side, with a nifty table that vaunts its 3D printed credential.

For more details on the project, check out SCADPad’s home page.

Via: ElleDecor

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