Scan66 Fireplace – The showstopper of your living space

Scan66 fireplace_1

The Scan66 round fireplace is sure to be the object of fancy of all your guests. It is an exclusive piece of designer stove from the house of Scan66.

The Scan66 Wall Mounted Stove looks very classy and neat. The designers preach that since flames are never square, then why not indulge in a round fireplace. The designers Harrit and Sorensen have come out with a design that is mischievous and innovative at the same time. The round shape actually accentuates the flame and makes them look brighter and prettier. The look is so tempting and yet elusive from behind the log retainer, in glass.

Customers can also choose between the wall mounted or free standing model. This glass innovation is sure to appeal to home owners who have an eye for fine glass innovations that look exclusive and yet retain their usability. So creatively inspired are the designers with the Scan66, that even the handle to open the door is made of frosted glass set in cast iron. The controls of the fireplace are also made with tempered glass. The controllers for air are placed discreetly behind the fireplace.

The innovative design actually gets enhanced with the playfulness of the flames inside and manages to deliver a powerful sight.  All models of this classy fireplace, will be available in the stores from September, 2014. The prices start at £1,900 inclusive of VAT. You cannot buy this beauty online and will have to purchase it from their exclusive retailers.

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Via: Uw-haard 

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