Solari: The smart solar cooker for eating out

Solari – portable solar cooker

Cold turkey sandwiches and boring salads need not be the only things on the menu when planning a picnic or a day out in the park. The lengthy ordeal of setting up the barbecue and handling the incessant smoke, can soon be replaced by hot steaming food from this ‘smart phone’ controlled solar cooker.

The smoke is often the dampener and also considered harmful for the environment and health by many. Bordi Hon, based in Houston has developed an innovative cooker called Solari. Slow cooked meals, which retain their nutrients, is what the Solari expects to offer to its customers.

As evident from its name this handy cooker needs no power supply or fuel and runs on the power of the sun. It can cook a steaming hot meal for half a dozen adults on a bright sunny day.

Solari – portable solar cooker_1

The design of the Solari comprises of two well-defined shells. The inner is made up of aluminum. The outer shell is designed to reflect the rays of the sun inside. It has a handle on the outside, which moves freely around the compact structure of the cooker.

No need to get into meticulous planning anymore, just pick up the Solaria and head out. The most interesting feature of this cooker is sure to impress you. It can be worked with an app on your smartphone. Imagine a solar cooker that works through a user-friendly interface and allows you to play host, without fussing over the stove. While you are out showing your kids nature’s bounties, control the temperature and the cooking time from a simple touch on your phone. You can also share your cooking experience and recipes with fellow users of the Solari.

The technology of this solar cooker works on the combined effort of the inbuilt heat trapper, and the light focuser, that are able to trap the sunlight and convert it into energy for cooking food. The lens on the lid works like a magnifying glass that entraps the rays and converges them on a point at the base.

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The transparent lid allows the sun rays to reach the base of the inner shell. The sunrays after hitting the base disperse inside the shell, heating the shell in order to provide heat to the food. The insulation between the two shells is capable of maintaining the temperature for a long time.

Bordi Hon has managed to spark a curiosity with his innovative idea. He had submitted his environment friendly design at the James Dyson Award’s event this year. How soon the Solari will be available for consumers has not been disclosed yet and the price is also under shrouds for now.

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Via: James Dyson Award

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