Self balancing modular table

This self balancing modular table adjusts itself automatically to provide you balanced surface no matter if you do not provide it a balanced base. Suppose you want to write something sitting on sofa and keep your feet up on your sofa, in any of the poster that is comfortable for you and you feel relaxed. Now this table will adjust itself accordingly to provide you the balanced surface that suits your comfort.

Comprising 12 independent but similar programmed modules sense the surrounding environment and adjusts it accordingly. Being an independent element they always keeps the table surface level with continuous coordination says, Chih-Han Yu, a Ph.D. candidate in the Nagpal lab.

Now you can make multiple use of this table from reading, writing, even for dining in your bedroom and also you can take it out in garden to do your stuff as there is no worry of uneven surface out in your lawn or garden.

Via: Wyss

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