Flower Power: An advanced sensor that checks on your plant’s organic needs

Flower Pot for Gardeners

Flower Pot for Gardeners

CES is not only about highfalutin appliances and advanced mobile devices. And, this is perfectly proven by the aptly christened ‘Flower Power’, a state-of-the-art plant sensor from Parrot that guides amateur gardeners. In this regard, the main function of this stake shaped sensor entails the correct measurement of various factors like sunlight, humidity, temperature and fertilizer that are important for your precious plant’s health.

The stake-like form of the Flower Power can be used to insert the sensor inside the preliminary soil layer. After the device is inserted, it automatically keeps a tab on your plant’s health status and other organic traits by gauging all the atmospheric as well as soil related factors (we mentioned before). This collected info is then transmitted back to your smartphone or any other mobile device via the advanced connectivity of Bluetooth 4.0.

The database of this remarkable plant sensor consists of around a whopping 6,000 specimens. So, by virtue of its well rounded archives, the sensor can narrow down and specify the ‘need’ of your particular plant. These specifications are further based on a scientific approach that synchronizes different traits and the climatic considerations in which the plant is blossoming.

Flower Pot for Gardeners

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