Sharp to introduce their limited edition COCOROBO cleaning robots that talk back to users

Sharp home cleaning robot_1

Japanese electronic giant Sharp has already commercially unveiled their line of COCOROBO cleaning robots that prominently feature a sprightly anime girl (“cute little sister”) on the cover known as COCOROBO chan. And, now the company is looking forth to take yet another unique step by integrating a special voice feature within the few premium models of this graphically endowed line up. The result pertains to the installation of a built-in communication component within the washing machine – that answers in a cute manner to any plain question you might ask the contraption.

The premium sub-grouping within the COCOROBO range is called the Imouto Ver. RX-CLV1-P, and this limited edition collection will feature the collaborative works of voice actors Ibuki Ido and manga artist Kinusa Shimotsuki. As for the peppy yet laconic replies of the machine when asked simple questions, a few dialogues go like this –

The user: “You’re good at cleaning!”

The COCOROBO cleaning robot: “It, it’s not like I cleaned to get praise from you or anything!”


The user: “What should I eat?”

The COCOROBO cleaning robot: “Ummm, omurice is good.”

In any case, the notion behind this banter-loving robotic cleaning machine came to Sharp after many users responded with the request to have an electronic appliance that will have ‘an attractive voice’ or that can be a ‘little sister to them’. As for the limited availability of the product itself, the premium range will only be available for a month, from 15th December, 2014 to 16th January, 2015.

Via: Crunchyroll

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