Pinorama – The nifty modular yet magnetic pin board from Inga Sempé

Danish brand Hay was in for a surprise, when they asked Inga Sempé to create a pin board for them. The final product was a board made out of a metal mesh to keep small and useful items handy.

The Pinorama storage system is based on the concept of a magnetic board on which things can be stuck with the help of pin and magnets.

Pinorama modular pin board from Inga Sempé_1

Pinorma is for the small things that you want to keep safe, yet not forget where you kept them in the first place. It is the perfect solution for people who lose tit bits and wish they had a place where they could keep them safe.

Pinorama modular pin board from Inga Sempé_2

Sempé’s Pinorama is a magnetic board on the front and has a cork on the back, in the center. You can also use it as a message board to leave notes for the family.

Pinorama modular pin board from Inga Sempé_3

The board resembles a brick wall but in the vertical way. The holes can be used to custom design the board to place accessories.

Pinorama modular pin board from Inga Sempé_4

The designer added a metal shelve and even a small cork bracket on the front. Place as many magnetic hooks you want on the edges. The shelves and other add-ons are fixed into the gaps on the mesh.

Pinorama modular pin board from Inga Sempé_5

In the images you will see that Sempé adds a dramatic effect to an otherwise plain looking pin board by adding a circular mirror in the front.

Pinorama modular pin board from Inga Sempé_6

The Pinorma is available in two different sizes and can be ordered in different colors. The accesorization can be done in the same color hues or even contrasts. The Pinorma the designer claims is designed to make use of the wall space, by placing a pin board that is useful, offers multitasking and looks very modern too.

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