Sharp’s HEALSIO Ocha Presso prepares your tea in a healthy manner

Sharp HEALSIO Ocha Presso_1

Coffee aficionados have their espresso machines. But what do tea enthusiasts have? Japanese electronic giant Sharp have found an innovative solution to this question with their HEALSIO Ocha Presso. Almost looking like a regular espresso machine, the device at hand is actually a unique contraption that takes tea-making to a whole new level.

How so, you ask? Well, as it turns out, most variants of green tea boast of a type of polyphenol known as catechin. The catechin is a very powerful antioxidant which has proved its value in fighting against heart diseases and cancerous elements. And, therein lies the good part – the HEALSIO Ocha Presso preserves this catechin content (by more than 190 percent when compared to tea pots) when preparing your cup of tea.

The mystery behind this beneficial attribute lies in the integrated ceramic tea mortar that efficaciously grinds the tea leaves into a fine powder form of 20 microns, thus not changing the nutritional values of catechins and fibers.

A complementary rear-side mechanism does the rest, by boiling the water to optimized temperatures and also removing the chlorine content. Finally, the ground tea leaves and the precisely heated water are mixed, and the solution is effectively stirred with a real bamboo whisk. And voila – you have your hot cup of healthy tea!

Sharp HEALSIO Ocha Presso_2

Dimensions – 220 x 207 x 277 (in mm); Weight – 2.6 kg

Source: AkihabaraNews

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