Shower curtain mimics a YouTube layout to flaunt your bathroom singing prowess

Online Bath Shower Curtain_1

Humming or shouting the favorite tunes always sounds sweet to one’s own ears, especially in the snug privacy of a bathroom. And we wouldn’t want you to let go of this ‘talent’, despite those series of spousal warnings.

In fact, we have come across an amusing contrivance that would make your renditions famous (at least in your mind). The delightful design entails a novelty shower curtain that replicates a YouTube-esque layout. And the crowing glory is a transparent window that sort of mimics the video of you singing with your magnificent voice.

The Online Shower Curtain is made from water-resistant polyester fabric, while the window above is draped with transparent PVC. And in spite of its transparency, the opening is ‘strategically’ located to just show your visage.

Online Bath Shower Curtain_2

So, if you are really up for some fantasy challenge of setting the online realm afire with your singing prowess, do take a gander at this buying link.

Dimensions: 71 x 71 (in inches)

Price: $30.95

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