SOMA Black water filter brings class into the daily scope of drinking water

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Drinking water may seem to be a pedestrian affair for some; but it is one of the important daily actions one can perform pertaining to individual health. So what about bringing some class into this regular scope of in-taking H2O? Well, the SOMA Black water filter does exactly that, and it does so with aplomb and effectiveness.

In terms of groovy features, the svelte looking contraption has a biodegradable filter system that comprises of a coconut-shell filter and a plant-based casing. In other words, you can kiss goodbye to the awful aftertaste of chlorine.

This naturalistic ambit is accompanied by high-class German engineering and craftsmanship – with the carafe boasting of shatter-resistant glass, and the top inverted cone reservoir made of BPA-free plastic. The capacity of the vessel accounts for 48 oz of water, while the filter has a substantial lifetime of 40 gallons – which equates to around 2 months of water consumption.

And, lest we forget, the proceeds from the sale of SOMA Blacks will go to Cambodia for developing infrastructure that provides access to clean water. The model itself is available in limited edition (with just 700 SOMA Blacks being produced), and comes with a price tag of $99.

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