Star Wars Stacking Mugs mix and match your favorite character from the sci-fi universe

Star Wars Stacking Mugs_1

Stars Wars and mugs – now that is a nifty combination! The apt and unpretentiously christened Star Wars Stacking Mugs sort of extend the fun even when they are not been used. How so? Well, during your sipping scenarios, the cups would most probably display disembodied albeit famous characters from the Stars Wars universe. After you have enjoyed your hot beverage, you can clean and then stack these mugs up to solve the puzzle of the eminent character, be it Han Solo, Luke Skywalker or just an ordinary Storm Trooper.

The great part however is the ‘mix and match’ scope that the Star Wars Stacking Mugs bring to the table. You can very well match up Han Solo’s black trousers with Luke’s fancy white-wear, and top it off with the ominous yet inanimate visage of a Storm Trooper. In other words, your geeky side will at least not be bored when you are dutifully cleaning the crockery!

And, lest we forget, these Star Wars-inspired mugs are officially licensed as Lucasfilm Ltd merchandise, while also boasting of compatibility with your dishwasher and micro-wave oven.

Star Wars Stacking Mugs_2 Star Wars Stacking Mugs_3 Star Wars Stacking Mugs_4 Star Wars Stacking Mugs_5

Buy – £15 (around $26).

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