Wilsonart Chair looks more like a piece of art

Wilsonart Chair by Adam Horbinski_1

Featuring numerous designs and made out of a variety of materials, chair is one of the most common furniture pieces found in modern home. Still there are designers who want to create something different, and to display their imagination and skills, they use all sorts of material and techniques.

Displayed at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair held in New York, Wilsonart chair by Adam Horbinski is a creative piece of furniture that featuring artistic but at the same time functional design gives wings to the imagination of modern art lovers. Combining the unconventional design as well as materials, the chair managed to intrigue the visitors and draw their attention at the fair.

The centerpiece of the chair is a stool made from MDF, flexiply and Wilsonart Laminate. The stool is encircled by a ribbon made of 8’x 5’’ 1/8” thick steel and Wilsonart Laminate. The Ribbon is a continuous piece forming the back, armrests and then moving behind the stool down to the floor. The ribbon was designed keeping in mind the dexterous qualities of Wilsonart Laminate and revealing it to the people as well.

The visitors at the furniture fair were fascinated, rather mystified, by the chair, as it does not look like one at the first glance. A careful look at it and admiration is guaranteed. The Wilsonart chair is sturdier than it appears to be from a distance. In fact, the artist chair looks to pave the way for a different genre of furniture.

Wilsonart Chair by Adam Horbinski_2 Wilsonart Chair by Adam Horbinski_3 Wilsonart Chair by Adam Horbinski_4

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