Suite Bleue treehouse rests in middle of scenic lavender field

Suite Bleue Treehouse in Arlena di Castro, Italy-2

People all around the world are becoming more environmentally-conscious, so their desire for houses as well as products made from recycled and reclaimed materials is constantly increasing. But what if your eco-friendly awareness meets your childhood fantasy? Probably the amalgam of both looks like this picturesque treehouse getaway that sits in the middle of purple lavender field.

Suite Bleue Treehouse in Arlena di Castro, Italy-4

Located in Arlena di Castro, Italy, the resplendent Suite Bleue treehouse retreat screams comfort and fantasy. It is perched eight-meters above the ground and sits comfortably around the branches of an old oak tree.

Suite Bleue Treehouse in Arlena di Castro, Italy-3

Designed by treehouse architects La Cabane Perchée, this arboreal habitat is one part of the La Piantata hotel and offers a splendid getaway to visitors from July 25 to August 10 of every year. The 474-square-feet treehouse includes a comfortable bedroom with a cozy canopy bed, bathroom with a shower, and refrigerated mini bar for the guests to enjoy their holiday in luxury. Plus, breakfast is delivered straight to the room using a human-powered pulley system.

Suite Bleue Treehouse in Arlena di Castro, Italy-5

To offer clear view of the surrounding landscape, a small terrace space is also present on the treehouse. The guests can sit here to enjoy cutting and harvesting of the beautiful purple plant. So anyone, who wants to live their childhood fantasy of living in a treehouse, can visit this exotic site and witness how dreams can turn into a wonderful reality.

Suite Bleue Treehouse in Arlena di Castro, Italy-1

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