Sunny days are back again with Here Comes the Sun

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Come winter and a lot of us would start praying for even a little ray of sunshine to hit our faces. A rarity on rainy, cloudy and particularly gloomy days, sunshine is one source that brings immediate light and warmth to a space. Allowing sunlight to enter a room would make the latter brighter, airier and more spacious. Its warmth would also have a profound impact on our physical and mental well-being. But how does one harness the sun’s light and warmth on a day it is hardly visible in the sky? ‘Here Comes the Sun’ may very well be the answer for this predicament.

Here Comes the Sun:

It may sound like the title of a children’s poem. However, ‘Here Comes the Sun’ is actually the name of a heater that looks just like an open window. The window shaped heater stimulates the effect of sunshine entering through the window, providing users with the light and warmth offered by the real sun.

Elements of the Here Comes the Sun heater:

The ‘Here Comes the Sun’heater mimics the sun’s natural light and warmth with the help of a LED panel and a carbon fiber electric heater. The use of carbon fiber allows for the creation of a thinner and safer electric heater when compared to the more traditional heaters. While the heater provides the necessary warmth, the LED lights in the panel can stimulate the daylight conditions efficiently. The use of magnesium alloy shutters helps to provide just the right amount of light and heat needed to perk you up instantly.

The LED panel also comes with variable weather modes to allow you to choose between different levels of warmth and light. It also has features that enable you to choose the angle at which you want the light to enter the room as well as the duration for which you want to experience the sunlight. With so many options to literally control the sun (or its replica) in your hands, the ‘Here Comes the Sun’ heater is definitely going to ensure brighter and livelier rooms in your home.

Source: Lexus

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