Kyoto Aquarium’s Christmas ‘Life Tree’ with LEDs and aquariums

Who said anything about Christmas trees comprising of actually trees? Kyoto Aquarium has taken the symbolic essence of this long-held tradition and showcased it with dollops of old fashioned Christmas spirit. The end result is the Christmas ‘Life Tree’ comprising of an assortment of cool stuff, ranging from LED illuminated …

'Christmas Ornaments' made from just paper in Origami style

‘Christmas Ornaments’ made from just paper in Origami style

There must be something about the spirit of Christmas that brings out the best in us, especially when it comes to decorations and designs. For example the snowing Christmas tree we covered in another post. In this regard, the ingeniously conceived ‘Christmas Ornaments’ aptly proves my point. Made by graphic …

Disney themed gingerbread mansion

Baking enthusiasts skillfully create a Disney themed gingerbread mansion

The culinary side of Christmas is about the vast range of confectioneries, starting from mouth watering pastries to sumptuous cakes. However, the gingerbread has carved out its own eminence in this grandiose field of baked dishes, partly helped by the 19th century fairy tale of  The Gingerbread Man. Now, beyond fairy tales and …

Santa hit by plane

8 Eccentric Christmas Decorations

With Christmas around the corner, many of us are well supplied on the holiday spirit steeped with dollops of kindness and morality. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a few of us can’t tickle our funny bones with seemingly harmless decoration tactics. In this regard, some of the decorations we …

Christmas Tree Stand

Easy to store Christmas Tree Stand

Composed of three movable rings, this Christmas tree stand has tightened leg attached to each ring. After using you can easily detach legs of this Christmas tree and store it for next festive season.