Temperfect Mug keeps our beverages warm with its phase changing layer

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The coffee and tea aficionados among us will know about the quandary of hot beverages. We don’t like it too hot, and we don’t like it cool. However, there is a sort of an intermediate ‘sweet spot’ that alludes to the pleasant warmness of the beverage.

Unfortunately, this sweet spot temperature remains for too short a period for us to enjoy the hot drink. Even conventional travel mugs sometimes falter in their effort to the keep our beverages succinctly warm.

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Well, during such baleful circumstances, we should look forth to the Temperfect Mug to ‘technologically’ solve our warm beverage enjoyment woes. In normal state of affairs, regular travel mugs utilize a layer of vacuum between its exterior and interior walls to insulate the beverage (thus keeping it warm).

However, the Temperfect Mug boasts of an extra layer in addition to the vacuum layer. This special layer is situated between the middle and inner surfaces, and comprises of a ‘waxy non-toxic’ phase changing material.

The working scope entails – the physical change of state of this phase changing material, due to absorption and release of heat. In simpler terms, when hot beverage is poured in the mug, the material absorbs the heat, thus cooling down the beverage to a warm, drinkable temperature.

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But over time the material gets cooled, which leads to the releasing of heat (absorbed earlier) back into the beverage. So, either way, it is a ‘win-win’ situation for achieving that intermediate temperature of your coffee or tea.

The Temperfect Mug is currently undergoing crowd funding in the haloed halls of Kickstarter. The product has already passed its $23,500 goal, with a total of $64,557 pledged (with 19 days still to go). And, if you want one, you have to pledge at least $40.

For more details, check out Temperfect Mug’s Kickstarter campaign.

Via: GizMag

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