The 3 Home Maintenance Tasks You’ll Regret Not Paying Attention To

home maintenance

Home maintenance is one of the most crucial aspects of owning a home, yet so many home owners fail to keep up with the ongoing maintenance needs that any home will exhibit. 

Whether this is because of a lack of time, enthusiasm or knowledge surrounding what areas to focus on, it is ultimately the cause of significant problems that homeowners would otherwise be able to avoid. 

In particular, whilst there are a significant number of home maintenance tasks that are more optional than necessary, there are also a select few important home maintenance tasks that are crucial to complete on a regular basis – doing so could save you significant time, hassle and money in the long term. 

Utilities and Safety Measures Within Your Home

Firstly, maintaining the safety features and general utilities within your home is crucial in keeping it running safely and effectively, and is something that you can complete much of yourself.

In terms of safety features, regular checks of your security cameras, fire alarms, and first aid kits will ensure that in the event of an emergency, you are able to handle the situation accordingly. These aspects of your home often require regular updating or changing, with an example being the legal requirements surrounding fire and smoke alarms. On top of these devices, safety also includes removing hazards such as clutter in hallways, maintaining a clean cooking area, and storing dangerous materials appropriately. 

One you have gone over the safety measures and devices throughout your home, you can move your attention to other essential devices – things like plumbing and electricity are things that might seem to be running smoothly currently, but taking some time to go over the electrical outlets within your home, ensure that there are no water leaks and familiarise yourself with your plumbing and electricity plans will ensure that you avoid inconvenience in the future. 

The Structural Integrity of Your Home

This is an obvious but important aspect of home maintenance that will have significant long term impacts if unavoided – not only in terms of cost and hassle, but also safety. A main reason as to why many homeowners tend to avoid inspecting and maintaining home structure is that it is assumed to be costly, on top of the fact that there are various possible causes of structural problems. 

In reality, booking your home in for a structural inspection is often free, and can provide you with invaluable information regarding the condition of your home. On top of this, it will reveal specific issues that may be small, but have the potential to cause serious damage in the future. For example, rising damp might be a forgettable problem today, but in the future can cause significant structural concern and also can harbour mould, which can cause health problems. While a problem like this can be easily fixed with services like Buildfix damp proofing, many homeowners make the unwise choice of ignoring it and dealing with it in the future. 

Visual and Aesthetic Fixes 

Aside from the more essential safety and structural maintenance tasks you should complete, there are also a number of visual and aesthetic fixes that will make all the difference in terms of what you notice day to day. Plus, if you are considering selling your home now or in the future, these are fixes that will increase the value of your home in the eyes of home buyers. 

Overall, start by considering whether you want to complete a more major overhaul of your home’s style and aesthetics, or are more set on making small changes that will liven up your home. Regardless of your choice, the right design decisions will ensure that small changes make a big difference, and that you aren’t left with an overcrowded or unpleasing result. 

Firstly, start by making aesthetic fixes in terms of wall cracks, chipped paint, and other minor problems. Following this, the right design decisions will cater to a consistent theme – be sure to use interior accessories and furniture to your advantage, and choose an interior colour that opens up the rooms and creates positive energy. If you are taking it one step further, rearranging the interior walls of your home can impact the functionality and feel it gives. On the other hand, if you are more focused on the exterior of the home, make changes that allow your home to stand out from the rest, without looking out of place. 

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