What Is The Cheapest Way To Redo A Shower?

shower remodeling

So you are looking to redo your shower, turning it into the relaxing oasis it was always meant to be. There is only one slight problem – dropping upwards of $15,000 on your new bathroom renovation is not in your current budget. According to a Remodeling Magazine report, a full bathroom redo will run an average of $16,128 for a 5 by 7 feet bathroom. That is a main bathroom, not a master bathroom. However, you do not need to shell out the big bucks to transform your shower into your tranquil getaway. Redoing a shower on a budget is not a walk in the park; these few tips will help you achieve a luxurious shower while keeping your expenses in check. 

First Things First: Walk-In Shower Or Tub?

One of the first choices that must be made during a shower remodel is whether you will be opting for a walk-in shower or a tub. Both can be remodeled on a budget and have their unique advantages and disadvantages.

  • Walk-In Showers. Walk-in showers will typically be the more expensive choice since more factors must be considered, including shower door, flooring, and walls. With that higher price tag, a walk-in shower is able to offer a more luxurious experience, whether it be a detoxing steam shower or a rainfall shower that makes you feel one with nature. 
  • Tubs. If your shower already has a tub, it may be more advantageous to refinish your current tub. The refinishing process includes cleaning, sanding, patching, and repainting the tub. This is the most budget-friendly option. Another choice is purchasing a new bathtub liner. This will be more costly than a tub refinish. A bathtub liner is a custom acrylic insert that is installed over the top of the existing tub. However, a bathtub liner will slightly decrease the size of a tub. The most expensive choice would be replacing your tub completely. 

In the debate of walk-in shower versus tub, the best option is contingent on your existing bathroom, budget, wants, and needs. 

Choosing Between Tile, Acrylic. And Fiberglass For Your Shower Remodel

After deciding if you will be opting for a walk-in shower or tub, the next crossroads is choosing between tile or acrylic. In this scenario, it is crucial to select an option that suits your bathroom design and lifestyle while remaining on budget. Similarly to the walk-in shower or tub debate, both tile and acrylic have their benefits and drawbacks.  

  • Tile. There are two main houses of tiling: ceramic and porcelain. Ceramic tiles are more cost-efficient than their porcelain counterparts. Although, both ceramic and porcelain tiles are sturdy and durable options, lasting decades. It is important to keep in mind that tile can be rather costly. 
  • Acrylic. One of the more affordable options for a shower remodel. Acrylic panels are easy to install and come in a wide variety of styles that can accompany virtually any aesthetic.
  • Fiberglass. Like acrylic, fiberglass is another affordable choice. Fiberglass shower pans come in countless shapes, sizes, and styles to accommodate the bathroom space. However, it should be noted that acrylic is generally more durable than fiberglass. 

Remodeling a shower is a great way to increase functionality in your bathroom, repair any existing issues, and upgrade your bathroom experience. Contact experienced bathroom remodel contractors for your next bathroom redo!

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