The Best Type Of Furniture To Buy When You’re A Renter

modular kitchen island

There are two factors at play when you’re a renter that you will inevitably deal with. One is that you don’t usually stay for long in one apartment. That is, your rent will go up and you will end up looking for a new apartment that is more affordable rather than sign on to a higher rental agreement. 

The second is that you don’t have much space. You’ll always have a challenge when it comes to finding the space to store things and even arrange your furniture. The worst part about renting is that you buy furniture for the apartment where you live when you buy it only to move and the layout of the next place is not ideal for that furniture. 

To avoid these problems, you can make sure that you are buying the right kind of furniture to begin with. In this article, we will give you some ideas on the best furniture to have when you are a renter. 

Modular furniture

Since your apartments change frequently the best thing to have is furniture that is easy to move and can adapt to any space. Even when you aren’t moving frequently, a sofa that can adapt to your needs is a good item to have. It just so happens that those who do move frequently love not having to lug a huge couch from place to place. 

You can take it apart and just move it piece by piece which means that a person can single handedly move the entire sofa no matter how big it is. It can be arranged in a van or truck much better. And, if you are moving in your car, then you can possibly make multiple trips to be able to get it into your new apartment. 

Once you’re in your new place then the sectional couch can be modified to fit in whatever the space is like. You can even break it into pisces for different rooms if the entire piece can’t fit in one. 

Storage in the furniture

There is a new movement called tiny house living in which people will build a small space to live in and then find creative ways to store their essentials. Well, apartment dwellers have been doing this for time immemorial. This is nothing new.

To make sure that you always have someplace to store your things, you need furniture that doubles as storage space. When you buy a bed frame, make sure that it has cabinets underneath. The underside of a bed is wasted space that can be utilized for things like extra blankets and pillows so you don’t fill the limited closet space that you have. 

Even your couch can have storage in it so you can put anything you need into it. If your couch doesn’t have any storage then buy yourself an ottoman that can open up. These are great not only for the extra storage, but they can be moved to any area of the house where they are needed most. 

Drop leaf table

Drop leaf tables are ideal for apartments for their space saving ability and for the fact they can easily be moved. They fold up into a space that is slim and easy to pack into the trunk of a car in most cases. 

They fit to whatever space you need so if you have a studio then you can still have plenty of room to maneuver when you aren’t eating. They can also multitask. They aren’t just for dining rooms. They can be used in a study as a desk or even in a hallway to put things and then used for dining as the need arises if you have guests. 

Mobile kitchen island

One of the worst parts about small spaces is when you love to cook and have little room to do so. There seems to never be enough space to do your prep on the counter. One of the best ways around this is to get a mobile kitchen island or trolley.

Once again, they do double duty as a shelf or for extra organization as well as being a work surface that can be called into action on the fly. Underneath you can put your essentials like pasta, oils and other common cooking ingredients and then on the work surface you can put a microwave or coffee machine when it is not in use as a large cutting board.

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