The classy Batman vs Superman minimalist poster for smugly bedecking your living room

Batman vs Superman Minimalist Poster

Now, after the drudgery that was ‘Man of Steel’, we can’t wait for the Dark Knight to return to the fray. And, what better way to kick off your anticipation for 2016’s ‘Batman vs. Superman’ than to gleefully gawk at the poster of these superheroes squaring it off in style.

The minimalist poster (by Etsy shop GeekyPrints) is certainly reminiscent of the Yin-Yang symbol, which (presumably) was done intentionally to appeal to our artistic senses. In fact, we are seriously enticed by the subtle variation of the colors showcased by Superman’s reddish cape and Batman’s dark-hued guise. In a regular scope these colors are very contrasting; but in the case of the poster, their similarly muted shades provide a finer antithesis.

The Batman vs Superman Minimalist Posters are digitally imprinted, and these prints are commercially available in both heavy cover paper and coated paper (according to the poster size). And, the good part is – you can also make your choices from a variety of other GeekyPrints depictions that include pop-cultural favorites like – Spider Man, Sonic the Hedgehog and The Hunger Games.

Price range – $5 to $52

Via: GeekAlerts

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