The fruit-mimicking ‘What a Melon’ Tent comes with sturdy credentials

Watermelon Tent

Food and home-based designs have a unique way of inspiring one another, as we have seen in the case of these ‘delectable’ furniture items. But this time around the allure of food has made its presence felt in the realm of outdoor contrivances. We are talking about the incredible ‘What a Melon’ Tent (from Field Candy), which makes its tongue-in-cheek appearance amid the sweltering heat in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

But do not be fooled by the ‘fruity’ nature of the food-mimicking design! The tent is envisaged as a high performance outdoor gear, with its capacity of withstanding extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, the durable polyester-made contrivance boasts of water-proof credentials, fire-retardant features, UV fade resistance and a hidden inner breathable tent (which releases the humid moisture inside) for maximized comfort.

The ambit fastidiously goes beyond the material-attributes of the tent, to directly improve upon the outdoor usability factor. To that end, each ‘What a Melon’ gear comes with – high-strength yet elastic pegging points, sturdy pegs made from high tensile steel, aluminum alloy setup poles, and storm guide lines for enhanced protection during bad weather conditions.

All of these features are finally complemented by a spacious sleeping area with mesh window for lighting and ventilation, and unique storage pockets for safely locking away your valuables.

Buy – £395 or $655 (for buying the product in United States, you can follow this link).

Via: Foodiggity

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