The Fujiyama Beer Glass mimics Mount Fuji, via its elegant design

Fujiyama Beer Glass by Keita Suzuki_1

A few days ago, we talked about the ‘Fuji On The Rock’ glass, a simple accessory the surmised the Japanese fascination with the eternally paradisiacal Mount Fuji. And now, designer Keita Suzuki has carved up yet another commemorative specimen inspired by the revered volcanic mountain – in the form the subtly elegant Fujiyama Beer Glass.

It is not often that beer and classiness are pronounced in the same sentence; but the Fujiyama Beer Glass succeeds in the antithetical endeavor with its passive design consideration. How so? Well, the form of the design (made from special ‘Sugawara craft glass’) is intentionally devised to replicate the conical shape of the volcanic peak. So, when it is filled with a dash of frothing beer, the foam at the top of the glass deftly mimics the snow-capped nature of the exalted mountain.

The elegant bearing of the Fujiyama Beer Glass is however not just limited to its classy embodiment. The glass comes in a special package comprising of a re-usable wooden box with Japanese engravings (typically reserved for high-end tea packaging). This adds to the refinement of the product, thus giving weight to the artistic side of the design.

Fujiyama Beer Glass by Keita Suzuki_2 Fujiyama Beer Glass by Keita Suzuki_3 Fujiyama Beer Glass by Keita Suzuki_4

Buy – 4,078 yen (around $40).

Via: CargoCollective

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