The incredible Napkin Table for personalized interaction during dining!

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Communication is a crucial step in personal relationships, be it with your close friends or your family. So what if a furniture was created that directly held on to this ambit of communication through its ‘personalized’ design? Well, raise your hats to the one and only Napkin Table, a portable dining table that can be strapped around your necks!

Designed by a team of students from the Tunghai University in Taiwan, the working scope of the Napkin Table is pretty straightforward. The contrivance comprises of a pair of straps on each side that can be simply attached to you and your partner’s neck. As a result, the firmer fabric transforms into a working table top that is perfectly suspended due to the tension from both sides.

You can keep your light plastic cups, plates and spoons on this rigid top, while the surface also boasts of separately stitched pockets and cut-out recesses for holding on to your drinks and other precarious containers. And, the best part is – the entire table can be folded to a very compact size which makes it easier to carry around during your private picnics and park rendezvouses.

But beyond just convenience, it is the focused interaction between you and your partners or friends (during dining) that is espoused by the unique design of the Napkin Table. As the designers have put it forth in a generous manner –

Communication should make us more convenient to connect with others, however, it seems like we are more unfamiliar with our friends when sitting on the dining table. This conclusion has inspired us to figure out if there is a new dining experience which can improve the relationship and interaction between people when eating.

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Via: DesignBoom

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