The Key Steps to Creating a Beautiful and Functional Outdoor Living Space

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When it comes to home improvements, you probably hear more about what’s going on inside your house than outside. The truth is that the exterior of your home is just as important. After all, not only does it give people a first impression of your home, but it’s also ideal for creating an outdoor living space that you can use for entertaining, relaxing and spending time with your family when it warms up outside. Need some ideas? Keep reading!

Create a Budget

It might not be the most exciting part of creating an outdoor space, but you’ll need to decide how much you want to spend before you do anything else. Create a budget for your DIY project and then you can start shopping for the elements you want for your patio or deck. You might need to do some research about what various aspects normally cost so you have a good idea of what you might need to spend to get what you want. 

Start with Comfortable Seating

You want your outdoor space to be cozy and inviting so starting with some comfortable furniture is a great idea. To encourage lounging, choose cushy couches and deck chairs that can hold up to the sunshine and the weather, but that are perfect for relaxing in the shade of your outdoor space. Consider adding throws and pillows to up the comfort factor and give you, your family and your guests something to use if it cools off outside. 

Know That Lighting is Important

Sure, you get a lot more sunlight hours during the spring and summer, but chances are you’ll want to extend your time outdoors, even when the sun goes down. For that reason, the right lighting is an important consideration when you’re creating your perfect outdoor space. Fairy lights are a wonderful option, as they create a soothing ambience, but also provide enough light to see without having to strain your eyes. Lanterns and candles are other ideas that work well on a deck or patio.

Add Some Plants

No outdoor space is complete without some plants, which create a melding of the indoor and the outdoor. Plants are also an easy way to bring life to your outdoor room and improve the air quality. Make sure you choose plants that can hold up to the weather in your area and bring them inside if the weather is going to be really wet or cold. Water the plants regularly and you have a simple and beautiful way to decorate your outdoor space. Even if you’re new to it, it’s easy to start gardening

Think About a Fire Pit

If a portion of your outdoor space is uncovered, you’ll love having a fire pit. Not only can it create some warmth on cool nights, but it’s also a simple way to add atmosphere and mood to the space. It’s also fun for the kids, as a way to roast hot dogs and marshmallows and have fun with friends. A gas fire pit is ideal because you can turn it on and off and you have more control over the flames, but a traditional wood-burning fire pit is great too.

Use Fencing as a Boundary

Fencing is a terrific way to create a border that sets your outdoor space apart from the rest of the area. There are many stylish and modern types of fencing that you can use, including lattice or bamboo. These “walls” define the space and you can use them to hang planters filled with flowers or as a place to decorate with artwork. A gate is a practical way to get into and out of your outdoor space. 

Install an Outdoor Sound System

You’ll be so happy to have an outdoor sound system because it allows you to play music for every occasion and event you celebrate on your patio or deck. It’s also the ideal way to enjoy some mood music when you’re entertaining or relaxing outside. Make sure you choose an outdoor specific sound system since they are designed to withstand the elements. A remote control or Bluetooth operated system is easier to use and allows you to play curated playlists instead of being stuck with whatever is on the radio. 

Having an outdoor space is wonderful because it extends your home and gives you more options for spending time with others or by yourself. A space that’s all your own will set your home apart and make it the haven you crave.

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