The Knork guilelessly combines both a fork and a knife

We have harped about forks that dispense aromatic flavors, and we have prattled about forks that warn us against consuming too much junk food. But what about a simple fork that also allows us to cut through our food items┬álike a knife? Well, the aptly named ‘Knork’ (from Ippinka) perfectly fulfills this practical quotient with its novel beveled design.

The beveled edge is not exactly sharp as per the definition; however the ultra-slim cross section is fine enough to easily cut through food items, be it a steak, a toast or a fruit. This makes the Knork safe enough to put inside our mouth, while also coming in handy for tackling those ‘solid’ dishes.

The usability factor of the forged stainless steel fork is however not just limited to its cutting credentials. The Knork also boasts of an ambidextrous design, with its expansive holding platform providing the user with the much needed leverage to easily cut through your veggies, meats and fruits.

Furthermore, the Knork ‘Place Setting Set’ comes with other spoon types, including a teaspoon, a place spoon, a salad fork, a place fork and a place knife.

Knork knife and fork_1 Knork knife and fork_2 Knork knife and fork_3 Knork knife and fork_4 Knork knife and fork_5

Dimensions – 7.6-inches (length).

Price – On request. For more details, please check out the product page.

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