The Magic Wall Kitchen Organizer improves storage with easy accessibility

Magic Wall Kitchen Organizer_3

While kitchen-oriented technology is advancing at a brisk pace, the storage-oriented installations of regular kitchens have unfortunately still remained stagnant in their evolutionary patterns. In other words, the purist notion of cooking with our ole pots and pans is gradually losing its shine, just because we are loath to ‘find our way’ to those hidden and precariously dumped utensils. But what if there was a storage unit that made the scope of accessibility simple without any compartmentalized components? Well, the Magic Wall Kitchen Organizer perfectly fills this design gap with its unique magnetic credential!

Magic Wall Kitchen Organizer_2

As we can make out from the image, the Magic Wall Kitchen Organizer comprises of a plane panel that can be mounted to your actual kitchen wall. Interestingly, the entire panel is magnetized – which allows a range of utensils and accessories (like pots, pans, cans, tongs, knives etc) to safely cling on to the expansive surface. There are also separate shelving add-ons that are simply suspended along the panel by virtue of their hidden rear-side metallic strips.

The Magic Wall Kitchen Organizer is available in three exclusive finishes – laminate, wood and terrazzo. The pricing ranges from €225 (around $306) to €1,079 (around $1,468); for variant sizes of the wall-mounted magnetic panel.

For buying info and details, please follow this product page link.

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