The Marinka Asztal table caters to both kitchen and dining activities

Many of the city dwelling Hungarians still live in medium-sized apartments, a legacy of the country’s Communist era from the mid-to-late 20th century. An interior effect of such relatively spacious apartments is that the kitchen and dining space are generally fused together to endow a more ‘collective’ space for both activities. However, such ‘kitchen islands’ are also disadvantageous in case of smaller apartments, where the spatial scope is limited for installation of such ‘fused’ arrangements.Marinka Asztal table_12

In this regard, designer Alberto Vasquez has looked forth to more traditional Hungarian options, entailing both simplicity and practicality. And, as a result, he has conceived the ‘Marinka Asztal table’ (as a part of MOME project), a spatially efficient, multi-purpose table that caters to both your kitchen and dining activities.

The very first feature of the table that improves upon the usability factor is its ergonomic height and proportions – which are perfectly in unison with the traditional Hokedli chairs of Hungary.

Anyhow, beyond the shape and sizes, there are a slew of ‘integral’ features that seriously notches up on the ‘multi-purpose’ level. These include drawers (below the wooden counter-top) for storing tool sets, a pastry board that slides from beneath the drawers and even extendable working surfaces that slide from both sides of the top. And, finally, the lower most part of the Marinka table comprises of a separate storage platform for keeping unwashed vegetable and even larger pans and utensils.

Marinka Asztal table_21

Marinka Asztal table_22

Via: IgenDesign

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