The Multifunctional Mobile is a unit for outdoor parties

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The Multifunctional Mobile as the name suggest is a multifunctional table by Italian RFR designers F. Merzari and R. Pennazzi. Especially designed for cocktails and other outdoor parties, wherein lack of space and mismanagement sometimes creates problems, this multifunctional table seems to be an ideal solution for all such outdoor party solutions.

The table consists of a large and wide Corian finished sink and countertop that allows big enough space to place drinks, snacks and other things while hosting an outdoor party. The countertop and sink remain hidden beneath sliding teak panels, which themselves double as countertop or the side space that you can use to serve drinks and snacks. Simply place two bar chairs besides opened teak panels and enjoy the bar style drinks and snacks.

Coming to the front side, there are Corian front doors that house a small refrigerator, removable cutting board, an ECI maker, and a small convenient storage for storing food or snacks. Moving to the left side, this wonder table features a container with a removable basket that holds glasses and bottles. On the right is another drawer that you can use to store cutlery and other things required.

Finally coming to the backside of the table, the entire area seems to be dedicated to entertainment, as there is ample space for 32” LED TV that can be adjusted in various positions, a blue ray DVD player, soundbar and subwoofer. All these entertainment accessories form a major part of the Multifunctional Mobile, making it an ideal product for some pleasant outdoor parties and cocktails. The stylish outdoor table comes in a standard size of 1600 x 700 mm but the designers have kept an option of custom orders as well, which means you can order one that suits to your desire and requirement the best.

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Source: Giadarredo

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