The nifty Flipside combines both a broom and mop, for simplified cleaning

Isn’t making multiple use of brooms and mops a bit complex for such a simple task of cleaning an area? Well, the creators of the nifty Flipside also think so – and, they have concocted a solution in a form of this multi-purpose cleaning tool. Combining a broom and a mop/duster into a singular component, the Flipside simplifies your scope of cleaning, while also upholding its spatial efficiency in your already cramped closet.

In terms of design, the cleaning tool comprises of short bristles at its end – that allows the ‘apparatus’ to effectively reach out to usually inaccessible regions and recesses, like the underneath portion of a cabinet or a closet. However, in addition to bristles, the Flipside also boasts of a microfiber that can be easily attached to its lower surface. This essentially transforms the broom into a groovy mop that can serve your ‘wet’ cleaning requirements with water, phenyls and cleaners.

Finally, coming to usability, the Flipside makes it ergonomic for you to clean various surfaces with its handle’s 360-degree swiveling feature. Furthermore, the collapsible connecting poles makes them easy to store, while the removable microfiber is washable – thus accounting for multiple ‘fresh’ sessions of cleaning.

Flipside broom and mop by Quirky_1 Flipside broom and mop by Quirky_2 Flipside broom and mop by Quirky_3 Flipside broom and mop by Quirky_4

If interested, you can buy the product at Quirky, for a price of $20.

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