The Bromelia Table harvests its own energy from water and bacteria!

Bromelia USB Table by Daniel Gestoso_1

It is on rare occasions that we come across furniture systems that produce their own energy requirements. Well, the Bromelia Table (designed by Daniel Gestoso) does one better by acting as a planter for your home-kept shrub, and generating usable electricity from the water contained in this plant organism.

Better known as Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC), the scope entails harvesting of energy through a bio-electrochemical system. This self-contained system drives current by the utilization of real bacteria, and then mimicking the micro-organism’s interaction with nature. In terms of practicality, a lot of energy is not generated; but whatever is produced, can be easily stored in a battery and further used in the ambit of mobile device charging.

To that end, the Bromelia Table boasts of six USB ports, all of which can charge (with the aid of MFC) a range of small devices like smartphones, tablets and digital cameras. Moreover, the coffee table also incorporates transparent solar panels along its glass-top – a setup that acts as a backup mechanism in case the MFC charge is less than usable.

And, all of these advanced ‘green’ features are ultimately complemented by the elegant aesthetics of the Bromelia Table. Shaped like a leaf, but with a frame composed of polished wood and glass, the glistening attributes of the coffee table hold their own – when it comes to sheer decor credentials for your living space.

Bromelia USB Table by Daniel Gestoso_2 Bromelia USB Table by Daniel Gestoso_3 Bromelia USB Table by Daniel Gestoso_4 Bromelia USB Table by Daniel Gestoso_5 Bromelia USB Table by Daniel Gestoso_6

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