The phone-mimicking First Call chair aptly improves upon user privacy

FirstCall Phone Chair_1

The privacy scope of the user becomes more transparent (and hence more difficult) when it comes to furniture items arranged in public places. Well, the First Call chair by Dutch designer Ruud Van de Wier (for manufacturer Easy-Noisecontrol) smoothly traverses this predicament, by virtue of its unique phone-mimicking form.

As we can make out from the images, the phone-shape of chair sort of shields the user from the both of the sides. In a nutshell, this space acts as a cocoon, which allows you to make your phone calls or converse with an adjacent person without the invading cacophony of noises from the ‘outside’ (which is similar to our earlier covered Cristiana Wing Chair).

FirstCall Phone Chair_2

However, there is a catch to this ambit of privacy. The chair is contrived in such a way so as to only provide temporary shelter to the person using it. In fact, the conspicuous curve of the backrest makes it difficult for a user to spend more time or take a short nap.

To that end, the First Call chair is tailored to public or semi-public places like offices, waiting rooms, airport terminals and railway stations. In such spatial scenarios, the user is expected to spend a relatively short time seating on the chair; but that reduced period will always have the advantage of privacy.

Of course, you can also use the furniture item for your guest or living room, given its gimmicky phone-imitating form that aptly (and symbolically) demonstrates the scope of noise-cancellation.

FirstCall Phone Chair_3 FirstCall Phone Chair_4 FirstCall Phone Chair_5 FirstCall Phone Chair_6

Via: SpicyTec

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