The Popcorn Monsoon brings out the fun side of making popcorn

Popcorn machine by Jolene Carlier_1

The very intrinsic scope of product designing upholds the aesthetic value of a practical product – even if the function relating to that particular device is a mundane one. The above pictured Popcorn Monsoon by Jolene Carlier, brings such a playful twist to mundane activity of making popcorn, and its does so with vibrant aplomb.

According to Carlier, the beginnings of a design should always lie in pure imagination, while functionality should be applied to it in the last stage. Likewise, the Popcorn Monsoon started out from fun and frolic sketches – all of which demonstrated the lively side of popcorn machines. One of these renderings was chosen and transformed into a real prototype, with the aid of conceptualization and intuitive thought process.

So, at the end of the day, it is all about the ‘exciting’ side of affairs. The Popcorn Monsoon certainly brings that spirited side of design to the table, while also upholding its unique value of innovation.

Source: CargoCollective

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