Bookniture: A coffee table book that morphs into a stylish coffee table!

Bookniture coffee table_1

Those who had nigh loved every episode the Seinfeld would fondly remember the one where Kramer conceives the wondrous idea of ‘The Coffee Table Book of Coffee Tables’. Well, now a similar notion has wings of reality attached to it – courtesy of the Bookniture. Designed as a coffee table book, the incredible product folds in a circular manner to fully morph into a usable yet stylish coffee table!

Did we say only coffee table? Well, in terms of practicality, the Bookniture can be transformed into a slew of usable items, including a low table, hand support, and also a stool to sit on. In other words, the configurations are endless – and they can be suited to your preferred usage pattern.

Bookniture coffee table_2

As for the form-oriented side of affairs, the Bookniture is both light weighted and portable, while its table-transformed embodiment comprises of an extensible honeycomb structure. When translated to usability, the morphing furniture fuses the advantageous qualities of sturdiness, flexibility and portability. This is complemented by its moisture-resistant Kraft paper made setup that has the capacity to extend up to 14 times its original form, and can support weights of 100-times more magnitude than its own.

Bookniture coffee table_3

So, if you are sufficiently enticed by the super product, do take a gander at its successful Kickstarter campaign.

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