The science-inspired Orbits Clock from Studio Ve

Orbits Clock From Studio Ve_1

It is not often that we come across a clock that might just account as the centerpiece of your living room. Well, the above pictured Orbits Clock from Studio Ve, aptly fulfills the stylish role, with its innovative use of circular hands that rotate (along an edge point) to show you the time with an elegant flair.

As one can comprehend from the images, the clock comprises of three different hands that are shaped like circles. The second hand between them, does most of the ‘eye-catching’ with its vigorous motional attribute that sort of mimics a atomic model. And, in line with this futuristic essence, the components are actually crafted from carbon fiber to endow the end product with both refinement and lightweight.

Orbits Clock From Studio Ve_2

Now, in case you are wondering, the Orbits Clock is powered in a pretty conventional manner with a single AA battery. So, if you are sufficiently enticed by the prospect of owning a science-inspired clock for the interiors, do check out Studio Ve’s online retail site, with the price tag reading $150.

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