Blogger ‘Stubbs’ ingeniously creates the DIY TARDIS Murphy Bed

DIY TARDIS Murphy Bed by Stubbs_1

Those who are known enthusiasts of the Doctor Who series, would surely know that the TARDIS has a much bigger space inside (ranging to infinity) than what may seem from outside. The above pictured TARDIS Murphy Bed follows this core dictum – with its ability to literally expand usable space when needed for overnight guests.

The DIY brainchild of blogger ‘Stubbs’, the home-made project was initiated when she couldn’t come across a cost-effective retail variant of the original Murphy bed. So, as a solution, she decided to take the do-it-yourself route, by designing an entire pull-down mattress system that would snugly hug the room’s wall facade when not in use.

The groovy end result however is not just limited to the TARDIS replication. The bed when pulled down, also exhibits a range of Doctor Who-inspired decor, including the pillows and the bed-sheet proudly proclaiming the famous phrase of ‘Allons-y’.

This is what Stubbs had to say about the design inspiration –

My design differs from the actual TARDIS (I know), but I wanted it to look a little more decorative while still keeping with the spirit of the TARDIS. I also wasn’t working with the same dimensions as the actual TARDIS, so I had to make width and height adjustments however I could without taking away from the look. I happen to like the way it ultimately turned out, so haters can hate somewhere else.

DIY TARDIS Murphy Bed by Stubbs_2

And, in case, you are interested in checking out the step-by-step process of creating the wondrous TARDIS Murphy Bed, do give a gander at this blog post.

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