The solar-powered Entertainment Lounger comes with Bose speakers, and emits mist!

Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger_1

We have talked about outdoor loungers and beds that notch it up on the grandiose level. But how about bringing some good’ole technology into the comfortable mix? Well, the above pictured ‘Entertainment Lounger’ does so with aplomb. The motorized reclining lounger boasts of its built-in misters, speakers and even a USB charging port – all powered by the renewable energy of sun!

As we can make it out from the images, there are two 10-watt solar panels on both sides of the lounger that are responsible for generating all the ‘green’ power consumed by the advanced furniture. This power is utilized by various attributes of the lounger, including the motorized reclining feature that is based on a hydraulic lift. The angle of the backrest adjustment can be regulated by the user via a intuitive control pad on the left armrest.

This personalized level of comfort is complemented by the ambiance of refreshing mist that emits through fingertip-adjustable nozzles on each armrest (the cool vapor is collected from a concealed bottom-placed water tank). As upholding its name tag as an entertainment lounger, the contrivance further vaunts its high-end Bose speakers that can pair up with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device to ‘wirelessly’ play audio files, be it music or e-books.

The scope is finally taken to a whole new level with the improved structural and usability credentials of the solar-powered outdoor furniture. To that end, the Entertainment Lounger has a sturdy aluminum frame with a plush yet waterproof cushion, integrated rear wheels for better mobility and a flexible awning for shading during hotter months. Moreover, the built-in 12-volt battery can be easily recharged with only 4 hours of direct sunlight being needed for the panels.

Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger_2 Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger_3

Dimensions – 78″ L x 31″ W x 22″ D; Weight – 83 lbs

Buy (from Hammacher) – $4,000

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