Innovative Ice Bed creates a mesmerizing magic in the bedroom

The Ice Bed By Who Cares Design_1

The name of the firm Who Cares?! Design itself may strike you as being something more innovative than the standard design firms we come across. The design firm aims to build on that innovativeness by re-discovering multi-functionality in rather unique ways. The latest product to be revealed by the Austria based design firm reiterates this fact perfectly.

The Ice Bed as the name suggests looks exactly like an iceberg floating on fresh water. Hovering in the middle of the room, the exquisitely designed bed is made entirely of DuPont Corian, thus making it easier for the user to customize the bed’s look, style and color according to his/her personal specifications. The bed’s mate surface also features sharp edges that allow a seamless integration with the rest of the room décor.

The bed’s headboard stretches all the way to the top corner of the room, incising through the entire back wall. This allows for more durability and secureness. The back of the bed features a countertop, aka exhibition area, which also doubles as internal storage. The design also comes with storage drawers underneath to store clothes and other knickknacks.

One of the main highlights of the Ice Bed is the LED light that runs all the way from the foot of the bed to the top corner of room where the wall ends. Another set of LED lights decorate the countertop and exhibition areas. While the first set of LEDs remains white in color, the second set can change color at random intervals or on command. The switches to activate both sets of lights are fixwd right next to the pillow. All you need to do is plug in the LED lights to the power outlet and enjoy a blissful night as the comfort of the Ice Bed and its colors create magic in your bedroom.

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