Tranquility Pod: A futuristic resting cocoon with a flurry of personalized features

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Last year, we were genuinely enticed by the potential of the Sleep Pod, a cryogenic chamber-like design conceptualized by Outbound Studios. And, now it seems, things have finally advanced beyond the threshold of commercial reality with the brand new Tranquility Pod (from Hammacher) that boasts of a flurry of ‘soothing’ functions.

Gloriously flaunting its ellipsoid form, the Tranquility Pod is handcrafted from a sturdy fiberglass shell which is further coated in a glistening gel layer. The uniquely contrived shell is touted to mitigate around 90 percent of outside noise. This actually complements the pod’s internal acoustic credentials, which boasts of an integrated 80 watt, four-speaker sound system that is controllable via your smartphone or iPod.

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The functional ambit of the sound system is however not just limited to its music playing attributes. The sub-woofers of the mechanism are also responsible for generating vibrations that harmonize with your body’s relaxed poise.

The audio scope is further accompanied by a special lighting system (with 50 LEDs) synchronized to your bio-feedback. So, in a nutshell, your heart rate measured by the pod’s pulse sensor determines the vibrancy of the ambient mood lighting inside the chamber. These color changing LEDs can be regulated either by a built-in controller or through a remote basis via a dedicated smartphone app.

Finally, as for the other resting components of the Tranquility Pod, the expansive internal space comprises of an octagonal shaped waterbed with memory foam cushion and two ultra-suede pillows. Users can actually regulate the temperature of this waterbed through a panel, while access to the resting space is provided with the help of a 76-inch dia elliptical opening.

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Dimensions of the Tranquility Pod – 78-inch dia x 42-inch height, Weight – 350 lbs

Price – $30,000.

Via: Hammacher

One Comment on “Tranquility Pod: A futuristic resting cocoon with a flurry of personalized features”

  1. Terra Soma says:

    I had high hopes for this product but have been extremely disappointed with my purchase (direct from the designer). The claims that it mitigates around 90 percent of outside noise are false. I measured sound next to a noise source (63 dB), across the room from a noise source (51 dB) and inside the pod (50 dB).

    The components are low quality: cheap computer speakers, lights that emit a distracting buzz, vibration that does not work, and it has a strange smell of waterbed chemicals off gassing and fiberglass (even after two months). “Temperature controlled waterbed” only means that it heats. It doesn’t cool – so if you need a quiet, cool environment for sleep, look elsewhere.

    The designer promised a 6-8 week delivery but it took 18 weeks. Several times during the process the designer promised me information he never followed through on. When what arrived was not what was promised, I tried to resolve the situation directly with him. Instead of making any reasonable efforts, he threatened me. I have submitted complaints to the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General to get resolution.

    This product makes big promises, especially for those of us who find it challenging to get a decent night’s rest. But sadly, it but doesn’t deliver so keep looking…

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