Transbox consists of instructions for creating DIY furniture



Home decor design concepts always do not have to abide by a tangible physical form. Sometimes, they can comprise of flexible means to achieve an easy-to-construct, DIY furniture. The Transbox is one such unique design concept, which consists of ‘special’ instructions to convert our cardboard boxes to useful items of furniture.

Conceived by designer duo of Fu Tzu Lin and Kuo Shu Yu, the core essence of Transbox is directly related to those ubiquitous cardboard boxes used for packing and transportation. In most cases, after they have served their purpose, such boxes are either discarded or sold at a wholesale rate to other vendors. However, the design considerations of Transbox seeks to change their functionality for a better usage pattern.

So, basically Transbox offers folding instructions to transform a cardboard box to a useful table or even a mini wardrobe. Such instructions are not just limited to DIY info, but also include processes that endow structural as well as price advantages to the resultant furniture. For example, many of the instructions are based upon the core strength of corrugated cardboard, along with other credible attributes such as supporting mass, availability and cost.

Moreover, beyond the functionality scope, the Transbox can also be made applicable in many situations. The contexts can range from cheap furniture items in a students dormitory room to easily fabricated, modular furniture in refugee centers.

Via: Red-Dot

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