Turn your mundane toilet into a Star Wars-themed Sarlacc pit

Sarlacc Toilet_1

For the uninitiated (and deprived), the Sarlacc is a multi-tentacled alien monster from the fictional universe of the great Star Wars. It resides with its gargantuan gaping maw in the Great Pit of Carkoon, as shown in ‘The Return of the Jedi’. And, if you want it bad enough – the Sarlacc can also reside in the great pit of your toilet, courtesy of designer Robbie Rane!

The toilet add-on was specifically designed with a Stars Wars theme to satiate our geek-driven pleasure. And, as we can make out from the scene of the sticker, the entire ‘falling into the pit’ scenario goes gleefully bad for the ‘bad’ Boba Fett, while Lando Calrissian makes his heroic escape at the last moment. Of course, he is being helped by presumably Han Solo and a half-hidden Chewbacca (yes, you can identify our hairy friend in the images).

Now beyond the fictional ambit, the groovy Sarlacc decals are unfortunately not produced on a commercial scale. In fact, the installation process of the sticker might be a bit complex for the lazy ones among us, especially since it requires you to drain all the water from the toilet (follow this tutorial to do that).

And, in case you still want to own one of these cool monster/space themed decals, do contact the designer for your personal order.

Sarlacc Toilet_2 Sarlacc Toilet_3 Sarlacc Toilet_4 Sarlacc Toilet_5 Sarlacc Toilet_6 Sarlacc Toilet_7

Via: Nerdist

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