Valek rolling pin with engraved patterns for your home-made confectioneries

Valek rolling pin by Zuzia Zuber_1

Cookie dough and fun patterns make for a good baking session in the lazy Sundays. But the predicament lies with achieving those magical albeit difficult patterns. Well, Etsy seller Zuzia Zuber from Poland has the perfect solution for you – the remarkable Valek rolling pin with an assortment of engraved templates to suit your preference.

As we can make out from the images, the decorative baking patterns already comprise of milk-shakes, burger with fries, dinosaurs and even personalized names. These intricate yet adorable markings were achieved with an advanced laser engraver. The precise scope of etching allows the cute impressions to be effortlessly ‘imprinted’ on a variety of baked stuff, like – cakes, pastas, sugar frosting and dumplings.

And moreover, there is also a sustainable side to the whole delectable affair, with the wood material being sourced from a local Warsaw birch-wood forest.

Valek rolling pin by Zuzia Zuber_3 Valek rolling pin by Zuzia Zuber_2

Price – ranging from $49.55 to $63.71. For buying, follow the Etsy link.

Via: Neatorama

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