The extraordinary Lumio light enhantingly opens like a book

Lumio light opens like book_1

Lighting solutions come in various shapes and forms, be it in the embodiment of a bomb, or in the bearing of a marine organism. But this time around we are seriously bamboozled by the nifty nature of the Lumio. Envisioned as a portable light, the contrivance is remarkably shaped like a book with hard wooden covers. And in a nice symbolic manner, when you open the book, the device lightens up and warmly illuminates your surrounding.

The mystery behind this enchanting mechanism relates to the use of Tyvek (a DuPont brand of high-density polyethylene fibers) and high performance LEDs . The special synthetic material expands on the physical realm to presumably trigger the LEDs, thus achieving the luminous credentials. The end result is a snug yet focused lighting solution that is portable and  perfect for outdoor usages. Moreover, the contraption is powered by rechargeable Li-ion batteries, which conveniently negates the need for power outlets.

Of course, the essence of Lumio goes beyond its practical nature, to the ambit of refined aesthetics. To that end, the wood covers proudly demonstrate their laser-cut attributes. Users can further choose from Walnut and Maple finishes, both of which aptly upholds the elegance of craftsmanship.

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Lumio light opens like book_3

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Lumio light opens like book_8

Price – $160. For placing your order online, please follow the product page.

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