Vivo Table showcases its ritzy nature with impressive craftsmanship

Vivo Table By Kenneth Cobonpue_1

It is not often that we talk about jewelry and tables in the same sentence. Well, the Vivo Table (designed by Kenneth Cobonpue) flaunts this embellished side of olden jewelry make with its florid patterns and ostentatious vibe.

This ritzy factor is demonstrated by the main support of the Vivo Table, with its composition of hand-bent metal sheets and copper-finished frills. This combination amounts to a magnificent (yet tangible) level of filigree work that aptly supports the transparent glass top. In essence, it conforms to an artisan-oriented craftsmanship scope that is further bolstered by the practicality of an extended top design.

Vivo Table By Kenneth Cobonpue_2 Vivo Table By Kenneth Cobonpue_3

Via: Xoggy

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