YECUP, the world’s first smart cup to keep your beverages hot and ready

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We usually stop drinking coffee to attend to some important matter and forget about the coffee altogether. This minute inconvenience would be the reason most of us resort to drinking cold coffees and teas the year around. Not anymore though!

Enter the world’s first connected smart cup, Yecup, which allows you to control its temperatures for extended periods. Made out of durable double layer stainless steel, the Yecup mug saves you both time and energy by linking to an app on your android or iOS smartphone. Via the app, you can control the temperature of any liquid the cup holds, including coffee, tea, juice and even plain water.

It also has a provision to allow you to heat as well as boil beverages and preserve their warmth for hours. The app that controls these functions sends regular notifications on your phone as and when your coffee or tea is ready.

In addition to heating your beverages, Yecup can charge your phone with its built-in battery that the user can access via a micro USB slot. This functionality allows the cup to power your phone no matter where you are. Another impressive feature of Yecup is its selfie button that allows users to click selfies with their Smartphone simply by pressing the button located at the bottom.

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Currently on the Indiegogo Campaign, Yecup is all set to hit the market in the next few months. We know for sure that there will be more than one frustrated individual (out of drinking cold tea and coffee) out there who would make a beeline to get the cup.

Via: Clapway / HomeCrux

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